Carroll, Dusty (xx) [with feedback] final

Carroll, Dusty (xx) [with feedback] final - Dusty Carroll...

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Dusty Carroll 9-28-11 The case for Revolution in School Sports I’m going to critically analyze one of Jeff Mitchell’s writings “The case for Revolution in School Sports.” I agree with a lot of Mitchell’s statements and propositions. However, the one thing that I disagree within this article is that he believes that school sports have been made to focus on competition at the expense of the education and well-being. I believe that competition helps develop competitiveness and allows children to excel at their own rates. With competitive competition comes the responsibility of accepting losing and winning in a respectful manner. I believe the things learned from sports can transfer over to real life situations and as I grew up I learned that life in general is a very competitive place. Mitchell believes that competitive competition is good when it’s used in moderation. That reduction of competitiveness will lead to the reduction of injury’s and would allow athletes to play sports for a longer period of time. He believes playing sports for the pleasure and not for the quest of glory as our general culture abides sports to be. I believe that competitive completion needs to be used all most at all times when used in a sport. When used in moderation, what does that even mean? How do the athletes even know when or when not to be competitive? I believe there should be one mode when competing and that it should to be competitive at all times. Mitchell believes that the lack of public outcry can be placed on two main reasons, he’s
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Carroll, Dusty (xx) [with feedback] final - Dusty Carroll...

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