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Violence - Alas a film has to supply the ingredients to...

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Violence /Slumdog millionaire A child from a so-called orphanage is anesthetised and then blinded in order to transform him into a beggar. So often, in India, there is not much else one can do. The body reacts to helplessness. Slumdog Millionaire , which was awarded four Golden Globes (including Best drama) by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association on January 11, depicts the culture of the Mumbai slums, where about 40%-50% of the city lives. The story is centred on a tea-server, Jamal, who attempts to win 20 million rupees in the Indian version of "Who wants to be a millionaire?" His real aspiration in participating in the program, however, is the possibility that by appearing on television, he might be located by his long-lost love, Latika, who earlier in the film, when they were both still in the orphanage, was sent out to be a prostitute. Is Jamal destined to be a millionaire? Is he destined to be reunited with his true love? Can Latika be rescued from her sordid life?
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Unformatted text preview: Alas, a film has to supply the ingredients to satisfy the audience's need for a pleasurable experience. If it's an Indian film, that invariably means music and dancing. This film shows the tea-server, Jamal, as a complete and utter gentleman, and Latika, the prostitute, as a perfect lady. Viewers also must leave the theatre with hope and positivity, and this is what this film provided. If I had to split hairs and find a flaw, it is that this film must coat its harsh reality with sugar to help the medicine to go down. "Watching Slumdog Millionaire, I couldn't but be reminded of the cheapness and utter emptiness of the Indian middle-class's hysterical reaction to the recent events in Mumbai. Why should India suddenly be so worried about terrorism when violence is so closely woven into the very fabric of society?...
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