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Hank Proposal new - Dusty Carroll KNH 279 7-02-11 Bryant,...

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Dusty Carroll KNH 279 7-02-11 Bryant, H. (May, 2010). The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. New York Hank Aaron the Last Hero Hank Aaron is proven to be a monumental stature and his legacy will live on forever throughout the history of sports. I decided to read “The Last Hero: A life of Henry Aaron,” written by Howard Bryant. Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron was born on February 5 th , 1934 in Mobile Alabama. Nicked name the “Hammer” or “Hammerin’ Hank”, he played major league baseball from 1954 through the year 1976. Hank still to this day is considered one of the all time greats. What Hank did for the future of baseball, we will never be able to return the favor. I believe Howard Bryant does a really good job throughout the book using very distinctive words that allows the reader to feel the hatred and racism that Hank himself felt throughout his life and career as a “black” Major League Baseball player. Mr. Bryant also did a really good job at comparing the present to the past, by comparing the current home run record holder Barry Bonds to Hank Aaron when he broke and held the record. How much harder the road to the record was for Hank and how easy Barry had it. The only thing that I could see that the author Mr. Bryant could add to may this a more whole rounded book is to include a little more about Hank Aarons childhood and his upbringing. The book kind of told a little background about Hank’s childhood then bounced right into his baseball career. I guess Howard was trying to be different and a little more current than Hank Aaron’s book I had a Hammer . I believe Bryant was trying
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to give the audience something different to read, give the audience a different perspective. The book focuses on the bitter aspects of racism in baseball starting in the 1950’s. When Hank traveled with the team, multiple times he was refused service at restaurants,
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Hank Proposal new - Dusty Carroll KNH 279 7-02-11 Bryant,...

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