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Dusty Carroll 10-13-11 C: Start with torso supported by the floor M1- Counts 1-4, a log roll is performed to the right M2- M3- On counts 1-2 hold body upon left knee, then on counts 3-4 hold body upon right foot M4- Gesture forward middle during counts 1 & 2, then on count 3 gesture low and support left hand forward on floor, then pause M5- Begin a backward gesture while supported on right knee during counts 1-3, then on count 4 support body on right hand and then hips M6- Perform a backward somersault during counts 1 & 2, ending on shoulders on count 3. On count 4 start a forward somersault. M7- Continue forward somersault, ending on both feet after count 1, and then continue a forward path for counts 2-4. M8- Travel on a backward path during counts 1-3 and then pause on count 4. M9- On count 1 gesture forward low, then support both knees during count 2. Next, perform any action ending count on count 4 with a support of both knees again.
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Unformatted text preview: M10- Counts 1-2 perform any action while taking a path to the right then pivot turn to the right on count 3, followed by a support by the left foot. Count 4 the body is supported at a low level by the right foot and left knee. M11- Gesture forward then backward at mid level while supported on the right knee and right hand during count 1, which is then followed by a pause on count 2. Support the body on right hip on count 3 and then a log roll left is initiated in the beginning of count 4. M12- Continue log rolling left until count 3 when body is then supported by left hip and a gesture high is performed. Pause on count 4. M13- Repeat M11 M14- Repeat M12 M15- Pivot right during count 1, then gesture low. During counts 2 and 3 extend the body at a high level while both knees give support, then pause. M16- Log roll right during counts 1 & 2, then support the torso by the floor in count 3, Pause for count 4....
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