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Basketball Modification - Dusty Carroll Basketball...

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Dusty Carroll October 26, 2010 “Basketball Modification” I decided to focus on the sport basketball and my opinion on the proper ages for advancement. I believe a lot of kids get burnt out or grow up to be underdeveloped at this particular sport because they lacked in the proper training at the younger ages. Now days you here kids playing basketball in kindergarten and first grade which I believe is a little early for kids to begin. I believe kids have there whole lives to grow up and play sports. They should be able to adventure out and have fun with there friends without having the added stress of such a sport as basketball. I also believe that the bones and muscles need time to develop so the natural fundamentals of running and catching are there when they begin to play basketball. A. Grade 2 nd -3 rd a. Sports Modification: a.i. Play with 7 ft. rims a.ii. Play on elementary courts a.iii. No 3 point line, all shots 2 pts. a.iv. 12 foot free throw line a.v. Smaller ball (28.5) Boys and girls may play together b. Rule Modification: b.i. Don’t call every travel b.ii. Don’t call every foul b.iii. Allow some of the rules to go un-noticed b.iv. Defense can’t guard anyone until half court c. Focus: c.i. Sampling more positions c.ii. More fun games/ Not as competitive c.iii. De-emphasize winning and emphasize fun and skill development c.iv. Not a lot of practices, more games c.v. Everyone equal playing time
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In second and third grade I believe children are new to the sports world and are very unfamiliar with the whole thing. That’s why this stage is very important and it’s our jobs as parents and coaches to get the children interested. At this age the kid’s fundamental motor skills are still developing and that’s why I chose a smaller court and free throw line. I have eliminated the three point line because at this age, the three point line shouldn’t be part of the focus. Also this has to due with the growth and maturations of the children, with them
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Basketball Modification - Dusty Carroll Basketball...

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