Breast Cancer Outline information (Final)

Breast Cancer Outline information (Final) - Breast Cancer...

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Breast Cancer Information Outline Caroline Casey and Dusty Carroll MBI 131 Treatment- 5 different types of treatment 1. Surgery: Most patients with cancer usually start off with surgery to try and remove the cancer form the breast as soon as possible. a. Breast Conserving surgery- a surgery where the cancer inside the breast will be removed while the breast will remain intact. a.i. Lumpectomy- removes the tumor/lump and the tissue that surrounds it. a.ii. Partial mastectomy- removes part of the cancerous breast and tissue surrounding it (also known as segmental mastectomy). a.iii. Total mastectomy- removes the whole part of the breast that is cancerous a.iv. Modified radical mastectomy- removes the whole cancerous breast as well as the lymph nodes around the chest muscles and arms. a.v. Radical mastectomy- removes the cancerous breast entirely, chest wall muscles under the breasts, as well as most of the lymph nodes under the arm (also known as a Halsted radical mastectomy) b. Many times if a patient has surgery on their breast, they will then undergo breast reconstructive surgery to rebuild the breast’s shape after the cancer- eliminating surgery. 2. Radiation Therapy a. Uses high energy x-rays and other types of radiation in order to kill the cancer cells. By doing this, it also prevents them from growing. b. Two types b.i. External radiation-uses a machine outside the body to send the radiation towards the cancer b.ii. Internal radiation- uses a radioactive substance that is placed in wires, catheters, or needles and placed directly into or near the cancer. 3. Chemotherapy a. Uses drugs to stop and prevent the growth of cancer cells. a.i. Can be taken orally or injected into a vein or muscle. a.i.1. The drugs enter the bloodstream and then reach the cancer cells through the body. a.i.2. Different types of chemotherapy are distributed depending on what stage cancer one has. 4.
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Breast Cancer Outline information (Final) - Breast Cancer...

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