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1-2, n-s river valleys

1-2, n-s river valleys - 19th Century U.S transportation...

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19 th Century U.S. transportation development, was marked by excessive e-w emphasis, when more economic routes were n-s. Each state wanted to establish its own route to the unorganized western lands, and was leery of becoming colonialized by more urban states to its north or south. Rivers and valleys on the east and Gulf coasts mostly run n-s. Beginning in Maine, there are the following major ones: RIVER or BAY CITIES, IF ANY (Cities in () are tiny, just happen to be at mouth of the river) Penobscot, Bangor Kennebec, Augusta Cosco Bay Portland Merrimack, Concord, Manchester, Nashua, Lowell, (Newburyport) Charles, Boston Narragansett, Providence Thames, New London, Groton Connecticut, Hartford, (Saybrook) Just a harbor, New Haven Housatonic, (Stratford) Hudson, New York Delaware, Philadelphia Susquehanna, (Havre de Grace) Patapsco, Baltimore Patuxent, (Nothing) Potomac, D.C. Shenandoah, (Winchester) Rappahannock, Fredericksburg York, (Yorktown) James, Norfolk, Richmond Roanoke, (Albemarle Sound) Cape Fear, Wilmington, NC Yadkin (Pee Dee), (Nothing) Catawba (Wateree), (Nothing) Congaree, (Nothing) Santee, (Nothing) Broad, (Nothing)
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  • Winter '11
  • Mississippi River, unorganized western lands, excessive e-w emphasis, Century U.S. transportation, River. New York

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