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1-3, Dates of peaks and crashes, 18-year land cycle

1-3, Dates of peaks and crashes, 18-year land cycle - 1873...

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Mnemonic Time Line, some peaks and crashes of prices of land and derivative values, U.S. history 1640, Ebb of "Great Migration" to New England 1720, Peak and Crash of Mississippi Bubble under French Regent the Duke of Orleans, and of "South Sea" Bubble under English George I. 1798, Peak of Federalist Bubble under Hamilton, Adams père 1819, Peak of Virginia Dynasty Bubble under Monroe, Adams fils 1837, Peak of Canal Boom Bubble under Jackson 1857, Peak of 1st R.R. Bubble under Pierce and Buchanan
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Unformatted text preview: 1873, Peak of 2nd R.R. Bubble under Grant 1893, Peak of 3rd R.R. Bubble under Harrison and Cleveland 1913 or so, bubble that never went to extreme and never burst, under Taft and Wilson 1929, Peak of 1st internal combustion bubble under Coolidge, Hoover, Mellon 1972, End of "Soaring Sixties" 1990, Peak of 3rd Internal combustion and jet travel bubble under Reagan and Bush père 2008, Peak of Libertarian Bubble under Bush fils 2026? Hope not, but beware!...
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