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Syllabus, Ec. 123, Winter 2012 1st Day of Class: Monday, Jan 9 Last day of class: Friday, March 16 There will be a clicker quiz every Friday. They will be 25% of your grade MTM is Friday, Feb 10, using scantrons. There will be less than 100 questions. It is 25% of your grade. Final is Monday, March 19, 8-11 AM. It is 50% of your grade. There may be over 100 questions, so bring the extra scantron, just in case. You may get extra credit for turning in one or more term papers. Quality is the main basis of giving extra credit. Include notes and bibliography. The Instructor is the sole judge of quality; he applies high standards, so don't waste your time turning in junk. And don't waste your money on fancy covers, I just toss them. A simple staple in the upper left hand corner is helpful. Textbook: There is none. Readings are listed in iLearn, in this way: 1-3 means Week #1, Reading #3, etc. If followed by "OPT", the reading is Optional. Many other readings available at Venue: Sproul 1340
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Unformatted text preview: Hours 10:10 to 11:00 MWF Holidays: Jan 16, MLK Day, and Feb 20, Presidents' Day Office hours: Wednesdays, 2:15PM to 3PM or by apptmt. Email me at Readings are ordered in units labeled as Weeks. Some are shorter than others, so some "Weeks" take more than a week, some take less. All the materials overlap, so there is some bouncing back and forth among weeks. Don't be alarmed, just try to keep connecting the dots. Each week is identified by its focus on some basic theme which will help you tie all the infinite complexities of history together in patterns. Below are the definitions of main themes by week. Week # Main Themes 1 Mnemonics 2 Racing for land and boom/bust cycles 3 Expanding boundaries, territorial expansion 4 Religious "Awakenings"; Watershed court decisions 5 California history 6 Rise of concentration of economic power 7 Major changes in tax systems 8 Banking 9 Reform movements and reactions there to 10 Summary and review...
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