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Final -- Study Guide - Make sure you understand: Ch. 9:...

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Final Exam Study Guide Chapter 9: 9-3 9-4 9-5 Chapter 10: 10-1 [You don’t need to know how to derive the multipliers (G and Tax multipliers). Know their formulas however] 10-2 10-3 Chapter 11: 11-1 (no need to study the DRI model—Case study on page 317) 11-2 11-3 Chapter 5: 5-1 (you can skip derivation of NX on page 121) 5-2 (skip case study on page 134) 5-3 Notes: The Final Exa, will take 120 minutes The exam will be divided equally between multiple choice questions and short answers Please bring a Scantron for the multiple choice questions There will be no more than 4 short answers Make sure you go over the concepts and model(s) introduced in the chapters.
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Unformatted text preview: Make sure you understand: Ch. 9: AD/AS model in the short and long run; Shocks & Policies. Ch. 10: Keynesian Cross; IS Curve (derivation); Liquidity Preference Theory; LM Curve (derivation). Ch. 11: IS/LM model application (e.g. in case of an increase in G); MP and FP interactions; Shocks; AD derivation and case studies. Ch. 5: Identity Equations; S/I model; NX/Real Exchange Rate model; Nominal ER and PPP Make sure to go over the practice questions. You need to understand the answers for these. (also make sure to understand what makes a wrong answer wrong) You can use a calculator. (NO graphing calculators. NO cell phones)...
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Final -- Study Guide - Make sure you understand: Ch. 9:...

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