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1 EXPERIMENT 1 LABORATORY EXERCISES All parts of this exercise are to be done individually. No written report is required. A. Summary of activities Activities to be completed during your first laboratory period are as follows: check your laboratory equipment dry/store potassium hydrogen phthalate clean your glassware practice reading burets practice using transfer (to deliver) pipets practice using an analytical balance enter data into laboratory computers for use in statistics lectures. A. Checking laboratory equipment It is your responsibility to check your laboratory equipment and glassware. Damaged or broken items will be replaced free of charge during this first period. You will be responsible for damaged or broken items during future periods. B. Preparation for Week 2 Weigh approximately 6 g of potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP) in a dry weighing bottle and place the bottle with KHP in a drying oven to dry for two to three hours. Remove the dried bottle/KHP from the oven and put it in a desiccator before you leave the laboratory. The dried KHP will be used during Week 2. C. Cleaning glassware Reliable quantitative work requires scrupulously clean glassware, especially volumetric glassware such as pipets, burets, etc. For example, each drop of water retained in a dirty 5-mL pipet represents a measurement error of approximately 1 %. Cleaning solutions (detergent and alcoholic potassium hydroxide) will be provided. Beakers
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