Exprmnt 8 supp - EXPERIMENT 8 SUPPLEMENT_A This supplement...

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EXPERIMENT 8 SUPPLEMENT_A This supplement to Experiment 8 illustrates shapes of figures you should obtain. Although these figures are plotted with cell potential in millivolts, figures with cell potentials in volts will have identical shapes; only the voltage axes will be different. Figure 1 is a plot of cell voltage vs. concentration. Notice how the slope of the plot, and accordingly the sensitivity, decreases with increasing concentration. This is a direct result of the logarithmic relationship between potential and concentration. Figure 2 shows how concentration varies with potential. This plot represents an exponential relationship between concentration and potential. Using projection methods discussed earlier in this course, you can show that a given error in potential results in increasing errors in concentration as concentration increases. Figure 3 is a semilogarithmic plot of potential vs. the natural logarithm of concentration. Notice how the semilogarithmic plot linearizes the relationship. This type of plot is analogous to the use of absorbance instead of transmittance to linearize plots in absorption spectroscopy. As with absorption spectroscopy,
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Exprmnt 8 supp - EXPERIMENT 8 SUPPLEMENT_A This supplement...

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