Ch4-4WS - Mrs. Waldron Ch 4.4 BC Calculus Modeling &...

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Mrs. Waldron BC Calculus Ch 4.4 Steps to Solve an Optimization Problem: 1. Draw & label a picture 2. Create a variable(s) that represent the value to be found 3. Write a function in terms of the principal variable by substituting for auxiliary variables. 4. Find the domain 5. Find the desired max/min by equating f '(x) to zero and performing the first derivative test. 6. Verify your answer graphically. 7. Answer the question and label your answer with units. 1. Find the two positive numbers who sum is 18 and whose product is as large as possible. 2. A square piece of tin has 10 inches on a side. An open box is formed by cutting out equal square pieces x inches on a side at the corners and bending upward the projecting portions which remain. Find the maximum volume that can be obtained.
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3. An outdoor track is to be created in the shape of an oval and is to have a perimeter of 440 yards. Find the dimensions of the track that maximize the area of the rectangular portion of the field enclosed by the track. 4. A drilling rig 12 miles offshore is to be connected by a pipe to a refinery
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Ch4-4WS - Mrs. Waldron Ch 4.4 BC Calculus Modeling &...

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