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Chapter Outline - Chapter 03 - Analyzing Financing...

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Chapter 03 - Analyzing Financing Activities Chapter 3 Analyzing Financing Activities REVIEW Business activities are financed through either liabilities or equity. Liabilities are obligations requiring payment of money, rendering of future services, or dispensing of specific assets. They are claims against a company's present and future assets and resources. Such claims are usually senior to holders of equity securities. Liabilities include current obligations, longterm debt, capital leases, and deferred credits. This chapter also considers securities straddling the line separating liabilities from equity. Equity refers to claims of owners to the net assets of a company. While claims of owners are junior to creditors, they are residual claims to all assets once claims of creditors are satisfied. Equity investors are exposed to the maximum risk associated with a business, but are entitled to all residual rewards associated with it. Our analysis must recognize the claims of both creditors and equity investors, and their relationship, when analyzing
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Chapter Outline - Chapter 03 - Analyzing Financing...

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