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Beer was looked at for awhile as a poverty drink, except in northern countries such as the Netherlands and Germany, where there was luxury beers Beer first established in the regions where wine was grown, but then beer brewing started to move to the northern regions such as the Netherlands, Germany, Bohemia, Poland, and Muscovy (Moscow) Can be made by brewing oats or wheat, barley or mille, or sprouted add hops and rice to barley Peasants consumed up to 3 liters of beer a day. Difficulty in Paris “Have we ourselves not seen the disasters of the Seven Years War produce similar
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Unformatted text preview: effects? Towns which had only known wine before that time began to drink beer. pg 146 top The towns supervised its production; for example, brewing was only allowed between Michaelmas and Palm Sunday in Nuremburg, Germany Roman Empire did not like it. Hops, Reformation, bays and beer came into England all in one year Micro level, analyze the economy through what people are drinking Alcholo was banned in Islam-Was hard to find but you can find it, was sort of Underground...
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