HST111 Lecture notes 10:6

HST111 Lecture notes 10:6 - HST111 10/6/10 The English...

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HST111 10/6/10 The English Reformation In England, not so much as a religious reformation as an act of state -Dominate figure of Henry VIII -First marriage was to Catherine of Aragon, married for 16-17 years; only offspring produced was 1 daughter -Henry needed a male heir, to be able to replace him on the throne when he died -Thought the problem was Catherine not he, so he wanted to divorce her -Only way to get a divorce was to appeal to the Pope. -Catherine of Aragon had been married earlier to Henry’s older brother Arthur, but only lasted 6 months because Arthur died -Henry wanted to marry Catherine for her dowry -Henry had fallen in love with Anne Boleyn, Catherine’s lady in waiting; he had already been having an affair with Anne’s older sister. -Anne wouldn’t fallen into the same trap as her older sister -Henry needed a legitimate heir to the throne not a bastard as Anne’s older sister had given him. -Asks Pope for a divorce -Charles V – the Holy Roman Emperor -Happens to be the nephew of Catherine of Aragon, -Not willing to see his aunt humiliated by an English man -Pope not willing to act with Charles V soldiers on his city -Henry VIII needed to find a new way for a divorce--- reads Leviticus 20 regarded his marriage to Catherine was against the rules of God because Catherine had already been married to his brother
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HST111 Lecture notes 10:6 - HST111 10/6/10 The English...

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