HST111 Lecture Notes 11:1

HST111 Lecture Notes 11:1 - Nicolas Canel HST 111 11/1/10...

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Nicolas Canel HST 111 11/1/10 30 Years War Fundamentally changed in a number of ways - Starts out a s a war between a militant Catholicism, and a militant Protestantism - Last of the religious wars - Moved to a war about states and boundaries - Most of the fighting took place in Germany, but effected everyone on the continent 1609 The German states divided into two camps -Duke Maximillian Catholic League of German States - Bohemian Phase 1618-1625 - Danish Phase 1625-1629 - Swedish Phase 1630-1635 - Franco-Swedish Phase 1635-1648 - Peace of Westphalia 1648 Bohemian Phase - Protestant but ruled over by a devote catholic arch duke Ferdinand - Wanted to recatholicise all of the state of Bohemia - May 1618 people rebelled against their king - King sent delegation to Prague (Capital of Bohemia) to discuss - Nobility responded by throwing them out of the castle window o Catholic idea, god slowed their fall o Protestant idea, the fell into horse menuer so god showed his dislike in them -Bohemia votes to dispose Ferdinand -Ferdinand and Spain defeat Protestant Union -Forces of Catholicism seemed to be on the march They were winning Danish Phase -Christian IV of Denmark -Lutheran who lends his hand to the Protestant cause
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HST111 Lecture Notes 11:1 - Nicolas Canel HST 111 11/1/10...

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