HST111 Lecture Notes 11:8

HST111 Lecture Notes 11:8 - Nicolas Canel HST 111 Lecture...

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Nicolas Canel HST 111 11/8/10 Lecture Notes HST 111 From Russia to the Dutch Republic -Took different approaches to political change -Russia moved toward Monarch -Dutch moved towards Republic -Peter The Great 1689-1725 -Of Russia -6’9” tall, immensely strong, coarse -Loved simple crude humor -Belching contests, crudest jokes, loved comical funerals, beard burning, torching people -Travel Widely, most monarchs stayed at home -Went to England Holland, Northern Germany, 1697-1698 Austria. -His country, Russia, was stuck in the middle ages, and everywhere else in Europe was advancing -1698 Decided his role was to Westernize Russia -Military Reform -Started Russian navy -210,000 men in the army -Unlucky peasants were conscripted to the army for 25 years -Imported officer talent (recruited western military officers to train his army -Administration Reformed -Each area of Russia was separated into it’s own administration district and had it’s own bureaucracy -Every landowner was required to serve in either a military or civil office -Introduced a table of ranks -All civil officers had 14 ranks -Non-nobles started at rank 1 and had the opportunity through good service to work their way up, better pay -If you reached rank 8 you acquired noble status -First book of Russian Etiquette
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HST111 Lecture Notes 11:8 - Nicolas Canel HST 111 Lecture...

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