HST111 Lecture Notes 11:10

HST111 Lecture Notes 11:10 - Nicolas Canel HST 111 11/10/10...

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Nicolas Canel HST 111 11/10/10 HST 111 Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan -1651 living in France exiled from England -The state is less controlled by religion and the papacy, and is much more focused on its own power -1640’s conflict everywhere in Europe Leviathan – -What was the origin of the states, what was the best way to exercise that power -Hypothetical state of nature -Life would soon become “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and sort” -The way out of this is to create a political society, a community -people need to submit to one individual ruled ( His Absolutism) Absolutism -A political arrangement in which one ruler possesses complete and unrivaled power. -Rulers attempted to enlarge & strengthen the power of the state -Theoretical absolutists (Hobbes/Jean Bodin) attempted o describe the nature of power -Practical absolutists (Louis XIV) took concrete steps to enshrine this power -Absolutism varied from country to country -Flourished in France under Louis the XIV Louis XIII -1610-1643 -His biggest contribution was a well organized bureaucracy -Cardinal Richelieu Chief Minister and architect -Reason of state -Increased the power of the center bureaucracy -Attack the power of the small protestant towns of France -Limited the power of the noble -The Duel was band in France, the nobles had to go to the monarch who
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HST111 Lecture Notes 11:10 - Nicolas Canel HST 111 11/10/10...

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