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HST111Discussion Notes12:2

HST111Discussion Notes12:2 - opposite Diary of a Napoleonic...

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HST111 12/2/10 Right of Man Kind of like Loche and Hobbes Much like a constitution: #’S 7,8,9 (Due Process) You can think of things the way you interpret them Innocent until proven guilty (#9) You can have your own opinion #10 Freedom of press #11 Freedom to property Article 17 Emanate domain Property being a sacred right Religious term to describe an economic thing Because the people of third estate writing it are far better off than the commoners they speak for Article 4 Much more conservative than you think Restricting the power of the nobles, rather than giving themselves more power compared to the nobles Only men owning land can vote This is why land is “sacred” More land you Pay more, less land you pay less in taxes, instead of how it use to be the
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Unformatted text preview: opposite Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier Army is a coalition, whenever Napoleon took over a country, whoever was in that army joined his now. Jakob Walter is a German Page 59 How they got treated, beat. Instill grand army , sensor messages. Napoleons army is made up of all sorts of people, Page 90, 107 His men weren’t treated to great, he thought they were dispensable, if they died he just got more, they always had to march everywhere. Page 81 Epitome of the book!! Means to an end, Napoleon was very arrogant, didn’t care how he was thought of or seen as...
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