HST Lecture Notes 11:17

HST Lecture Notes 11:17 - Nicolas Canel HST111 11/17/10 The...

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Nicolas Canel HST111 11/17/10 The Enlightenment REASON, NATURAL LAW, HOPE, PROGRESS Intellectual Movement 18 th century Marked by people who dared to know People/Terms Marie-Terese de Geoffrin- Wife of wealthy merchant Lived in Paris People competed to receive invitations to her house Served drinks and food and invited the best people she could find, artists, scientists, philosophers… talked about aspects of life. Sometimes artists didn’t mix well with philosophers. Set up meetings with only philosophers and some with only artists Philosophes Popularized the scientific revolution Rejection of Christianity Society could be improved Immanuel Kant: ‘man’s leaving his self-caused immanturity’ Germany philosopher Inability to use ones intelligence without the ideas and guidance of another Francois-Marie Arouet: Voltaire, Candide Criticized the monarchial state he lived in, in France 1720’s Meant he had to flee the state and go to exile in England because of his criticism of the state He wrote about the English Society compared to the French Society 1733 In England Tolerant intellectual air, tolerant religious area, scientific discovery was large, country of great economic prosperity Returned to live in France and Switzerland Candide: satire on society Attacked war, religious prosecution, intoleration
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HST Lecture Notes 11:17 - Nicolas Canel HST111 11/17/10 The...

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