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HST111 10:18 - Nicolas Canel HST 111 10/18/10 Mid Term...

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Nicolas Canel HST 111 10/18/10 Mid Term Review Key Points Hundred Years War 1337 1453 - Causes, Succession crisis in France, relationship between English and French Monarchies - Edward the III of England, Claims his right to the French Crown - The French deny his right and evoke the Selic Law - English conquered a large park of France o New Military tactic, Combined use of long bow men and dismounted men at arm o Final expelled from continent - Battle of Orleans Joan of Arc -French Peasant who claimed to hear voices, calling her to lead the French Army -Dressed in male attire and hair cut short, she attended the French court, given command of the French Army, defeated the English at the Seige of Orleans -Eventually captured by the Burgundians , sold to the English, tried and executed for heresy Jacquerie -1358 revolt of the French Peseantry -Causes: Uprising against pillaging mercenaries; against those French nobles who did not protect them, but who took taxes from them, in exchange for noble protection. -Revolt was eventually surpressed by the nobility brutally, lead by Charles the Bad Avignon -Site of French papacy during the great schism -Lavish and corrupt -Because of this people loose faith in church, loose spiritual faith and leadership from the church -Remembered for the heavy taxation on the people Humanism -Intellectual movement of the renaissance -Emphasizing the return to antiquity, rediscovering the classics of world literature from uncorrupted texts -Emphasizes education, civic participation, individual playing a role in government and society Johannes Gutenberg -German Inventor of movable metal type, -Minze in Germany
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HST111 10:18 - Nicolas Canel HST 111 10/18/10 Mid Term...

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