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HST 112. Midterm Study Guide Instructor: Michael Ebner Part I. Identifications (30%) For the exam, I will remove 17 of the following 23 terms. You will be asked to write a paragraph on 3 of the remaining 6. For each identification, you must include specific information (who, what, why, when) as well as the larger historical significance of the term (i.e., why was it important?) For an example of an ID that would receive full credit, see the second page of this handout. Abbe Sieyes- Spoke and wrote about what the third estate was. a French Roman Catholic abbé and clergyman, one of the chief theorists of the French Revolution, French Consulate, and First French Empire. His liberal 1789 pamphlet What is the Third Estate? became the manifesto of the Revolution that helped transform the Estates- General into the National Assembly in June of 1789. Ashley Mines Commission Battle of Waterloo –British take Napoleon to the Island of Hellena in the Pacific, this is the last of the fall of Napoleon Committee of Public Safety- headed by Robespierre, and the Jacobins. Robespierre is the head of it, San Coulotte love him, uncorrupted and incorruptible, devoted to the republic Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen Giuseppe Garibaldi Italian Risorgimento Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels Louis Napoleon Giuseppe Mazzini Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia Napoleonic Code Otto von Bismarck Putting-out system Robespierre- embraces the terror and fear Maximilian Robespierre, will use terror and violence. Very radical Jacobin
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HST112_Exam1Guide11 - HST 112. Midterm Study Guide...

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