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HST 112 PAPER #2 Instructor: Michael Ebner No emailed versions DUE IN LECTURE APR 18 Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty : Any violation of the university’s Academic Integrity Policy (see http://provost.syr.edu/provost/units/academicprograms/academicintegrity ), no matter how minor or unintentional, will be reported to the Academic Integrity Office. Plagiarism includes: cutting and pasting text from the internet (without quotation marks and citation); taking a sentence, phrase, or paragraph from a book (even our textbook ) and changing a few words (even if you footnote it); or otherwise presenting someone else’s ideas, factual points, or words as your own . Other examples of academic dishonesty include turning in another student’s paper, a paper from a different class, or a paper that is fundamentally similar to that of a another student. Instructions: Answer one of the following two questions in a 5-page, double-spaced essay (approximately 1250 words). Papers will be graded on 1) how well you demonstrate knowledge of the course material s (textbook, lectures, discussions, readings ), 2) the clarity of your presentation and argument, 3) how well you support your argument with primary sources , and 4) the quality of your writing (spelling, usage, and grammatical errors should be kept to an absolute minimum). You must provide citations for quotes, interpretations, or
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This note was uploaded on 02/17/2012 for the course HST 112 taught by Professor Ebner during the Spring '08 term at Syracuse.

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HST112_PaperTopics22011 - HST 112 Instructor Michael Ebner...

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