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2:9:12 - PHI363 LECTURE 8 HOBBES AND LOCKE State of Nature...

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PHI363 2/9/12 LECTURE 8 HOBBES AND LOCKE State of Nature: a prior state of nature prior to our view of a state, Or : life without what we know as today as a state, Social life, absence the state. Absence of a world state: International Relations: State of nature Domestic Relations: Under a state Hobbes “Nasty, poor, brutish and short” HOBBES Because without a state nature is so harsh we need to set up a state. State must be able to crush violence, and enforce the law. I need not be religious, have morals, it doesn’t matter if the state is a brutal tyrant. It needs to just protect and enforce. We the people are sovereignty and the ultimate authority Humans get into a problem/conflict because 1. They want what others have, gain. 2. You cant trust others to not steal what you have. You will attack first for safety. 3. GLORY HONOR Human Passions lead to conflict No rights against the states. HOBBES HANDOUT Why is Hobbes important?- intellectual founder of the modern state; key figure in the
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