Gazzaniga 07 - Gazzaniga 7 Memory Seizure random firing of...

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Gazzaniga 7: Memory - Seizure: random firing of neurons that spread in the brain - Memory: Nervous system’s capacity to acquire and retain usable skills and knowledge Attention - Attention is limited - Visual o Parallel Processing: Processing information from different visual features at the same time by focusing on targets over distractors o Serial: One at a time o Conjunction Task: Stimulus is made of two simple features - Auditory o Cocktail Party Phenomenon: Focus on one conversation in midst of party, but a sudden pertinent stimuli (ie your name) quickly captures your attention o Shadowing: Different audio messages in both ears, but you can only repeat one - Selective Attention operates stages of processing o Filter Theory: Limited capacity for sensory information, only allow important information to be processed o Change Blindness: Common failure to notice large changed in environments o Unattended information is processed to an extent Basic Stages of Memory - Encoding: Processing of information for storage - Storage: Retention of encoded representation overtime that corresponds to change in nervous system that registers event - Retrieval: Act of recalling or remembering - Medal Memory Model: Three stage memory system o Sensory: Brief, tied to sensory system o Short Term: Holds information in awareness for brief period Working: Active processing; keeps different types of information available Immediate Memory: … immediate memory >_> Memory Span: Limit to amount of information you can hold (5-9) Chunking: Organizing info in units to make memorizing
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Gazzaniga 07 - Gazzaniga 7 Memory Seizure random firing of...

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