Gazzaniga 12 - Gazzaniga 12: Social Psych Attitudes :...

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Gazzaniga 12: Social Psych Attitudes : Evaluation of objects, events, and ideas - Mere Exposure Effect: More familiarity = Positive attitude - Shaped Through: Experience, condition, socialization - Attitude Accessibility: Easy retrieval of memory related to attitude - Explicit: Reported attitude (ie speech) - Implicit: Influence behavior and feelings unconsciously - Cognitive Dissonance: Uncomfortable mental state due to conflicts between attitudes or attitude and behavior - Postdecisional Dissonance: Focus on one’s positives and the other’s negatives after decision is made - Persuasion: Conscious effort to change attitudes through transmission of messages - Elaboration Likelihood Model: Persuasion leads to attitude change o Central Route: Rational, cognitive process of information o Peripheral: Minimum processing of information o What influences: Source, content, receiver Impressions of Others - Nonverbal Behavior: Facial expressions, gestures, mannerisms o Thinslices of Behavior: Accurate judgment after few seconds of behavior o Gait: How people walk - Attribution: Casual explanations for why something occurs o Just World Hypothesis: victim deserved what he got (kind of like karma) o Dispositional: Explanations to internal characteristics o
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Gazzaniga 12 - Gazzaniga 12: Social Psych Attitudes :...

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