Gazzaniga 13 - Gazzaniga 13 Personality Personality...

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Gazzaniga 13: Personality Personality : Characteristic thoughts, emotional responses, and behaviors that are relatively stable in an individual overtime and across circumstances - Gordon Allport: “Personality is…” o Dynamic: Goal seeking, adaptive, sensitive to context o Organization: Personality = Coherent whole, not a list o Psychophysical Systems: Psychological and biological - Psychodynamic Theory: (Freud) Unconscious forces (wishes) influence behavior o Instinct: Mental representation arising from biological or physical need o Pleasure Principle: Seek pleasure, avoid pain o Libido: Energy to seek pleasure - Psychosexual Theory: Developmental stages that correspond to the pursuit of satisfaction of libidinal urges o Oral: Birth – 18 months o Anus: 2 – 3 years o Phallic: 3 – 5 years o Latency: brief, suppress libidinal to focus on other o Genital: adolescents - adult - Object Relations Theory: Object of attachment is a person Freud’s Model of Personality - ID (basic): completely unconscious and operates according to pleasure principle - Superego: Internalization of societal and parental standards of conduct - Ego (complex): tries to satisfy ID while being responsive to dictates of superego o Reality Principle: Rational thought and problem solving - Defensive Mechanism: Unconscious mental strategies used to protect mind from conflict and distress Humanistic Approaches : Emphasize personal experience and belief system - Belief System: People seek personal growth to fulfill potential
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Gazzaniga 13 - Gazzaniga 13 Personality Personality...

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