Gazzaniga 15 - Gazzaniga 15 How are Mental Disorders...

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Gazzaniga 15 How are Mental Disorders Treated? - Psychotherapy : Generic name given to formal psychological treatment - Biological Therapies : Treatment based on medical approaches to illness and to disease o Psychopharmacology: use of medication that affect brain or body functions - Psychotherapy is based on Psychological Principles o Psychodynamic Therapy: Help people understand why they are distressed by examining their needs, defenses , and motives Treatment: Uncovering unconscious feelings and drives it Free Association : Client says whatever comes to mind Dream Analysis : Interprets hidden meanings behind dreams Insight: A patient’s understanding of his own psychological processes o Humanistic Client-Centered Therapy : Empathetic approach; encourages personal growth through greater self-understanding Reflective Listening: Therapist repeats client’s concerns to help the person clarify his or her feelings Motivational Interviewing: Client-centered approach over a very short period of time (for problem drinkers) o Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy : Incorporates techniques from behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy to correct faulty thinking and change maladaptive behaviors Social-Skills Training: Way to elicit desired behavior, Step 1: Modeling: Therapist acts out appropriate behavior Step 2: Client imitates behavior Step 3: Rehearses behavior in therapy Step 4: Applies learned behavior in real-world situations Cognitive Therapy : Treatment based on the idea that distorted thoughts produce maladaptive behaviors and emotions Cognitive Restructuring : Therapy that strives to help patients recognize maladaptive thought patterns and replace them with ways to viewing the world that are more in tune with reality Rational-Emotive Therapy : Therapists act as teachers who explain and demonstrate more-adaptive ways of thinking and behaving Interpersonal Therapy : Focuses on relationships the client attempts to
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Gazzaniga 15 - Gazzaniga 15 How are Mental Disorders...

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