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University of Central Florida School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science EGN-3420 - Engineering Analysis. Fall 2009 - dcm Homework 4 due Thursday week 11 (100 points) Problems 1 (100 points) Provide the analytical expression of the PDF (probability density function) and the CDF (cumulative distribution function) and plot them using Matlab for the following distributions: ’beta’ (Beta distribution) ’bino’ (Binomial distribution) ’chi2’ (Chi-square distribution) ’exp’ (Exponential distribution) ’ev’ (Extreme value distribution) ’f’ (F distribution) ’gam’ (Gamma distribution) ’gev’ (Generalized extreme value distribution)
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Unformatted text preview: gp (Generalized Pareto distribution) geo (Geometric distribution) hyge (Hypergeometric distribution) logn (Lognormal distribution) nbin (Negative binomial distribution) ncf (Noncentral F distribution) nct (Noncentral tdistribution) ncx2 (Noncentral chi-square distribution) norm (Normal distribution) poiss (Poisson distribution) rayl (Rayleigh distribution) t (t distribution) unif (Uniform distribution) unid (Discrete uniform distribution) wbl (Weibull distribution) Provide the formulas for the expectation for these distributions....
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