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Mathematical software packages and MATLAB We provide a review of mathematical software packages and a very brief introduction to the MATLAB environment. The students are encouraged to use the Matlab demos to gain some insights regarding Matlab. 1. Environments for numerical simulation . Several environments/ software packages for mathematical software exist. Among them there are specialized packages such as Ellpack for solving elliptic boundary value problems. General-purpose systems are: (i) Mathematica of Wolfram Research; (ii) Matlab of Mathworks); (iii) Maple of Maplesoft; and (iv) IDL. A comparison of the syntax of basic/useful tasks for the four systems is available. Mathematica is the premier all-purpose mathematical software package. It integrates swift and accurate symbolic and numerical calculation, all-purpose graphics, and a powerful programming language. It has a sophisticated ``notebook interface'' which is great for documenting and displaying work. It can save individual graphics in any graphics format. Its functional programming language (as opposed to procedural) makes it possible to do complex programming using very short concise commands; it does, however, allow the use of basic procedural programming constructs like Do and For. Drawbacks: steeper learning curve for beginners used to procedural languages; more expensive. Matlab combines efficient computation, visualization and programming for linear- algebraic technical work and other mathematical areas. It is widely used in the Engineering schools. Drawbacks: Does not support analytical/symbolic math. Maple is a powerful analytical and mathematical software which does the same sorts of things that Mathematica does, with similar high quality. Maple's programming language procedural -- like C or Fortran or Basic -- although it has a few functional programming constructs. Drawbacks: Worksheet interface/typesetting not as developed as Mathematica's, but it is less expensive. Interactive Data Language - IDL excels at processing real-world data, especially graphics, and has a reasonably simple syntax, especially for those familiar with Fortran or C. IDL makes it as easy as possible to read in data from files of numerous scientific data formats. IDL is very popular at NASA, universities and research facilities, and especially at C.U. where it was originally developed and is free.
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2. Using MATLAB (color/font code: red Î new concepts, blue Î actual output from the command window, bold Î important fact, italics Î names of variables or functions). The workspace Is the environment (address space) where all variables reside. After carrying out a calculation, MATLAB assigns the result to the built-in variable called ans; a % character marks the beginning of a comment line. Three primary windows:
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MATLAB - Mathematical software packages and MATLAB We...

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