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1 Cao Anthony Cao ASIAN 366 02/15/12 Week 8 Response 2 In Chapter 2, Nie provides a brief recap of the rise of the Chinese Communist Party and its various policies from the Great Leap Forward to the Cultural Revolution, with a focus on the One-Child Policy. The chapter provides a comprehensive summary of many of the issues noted in previous readings, including the widespread implementation of the policy, the exceptions (for rural families, etc.), the continued relaxation of the policy, and the resulting demographic change. The chapter does, however, address a new facet of the policy: collectivism. It details the rationale of many Chinese in wanting to do good for their country, and their social dispositions to help their fellow countrymen by not having extra babies. In Chapter 7, Nie expounds upon the various reasons for abortion in China, as related
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Unformatted text preview: with the One-Child Policy. She describes the tragedy behind coerced abortion as a result of the policy, and that such instances are failures in the local government as opposed to a nationwide policy failure. Fong then elaborates on the reasons for these failures, and the numerous ethical issues surrounding the common tragedies of coerced abortions and government influence. All of these issues on abortion raise several difficult questions: Even broadly speaking, when is abortion ever justifiable? What can the government do on a nationwide level to help local cadres be more honorable and just in dealing with fertility and the One-Child Policy? What have been the key causes for the “suppressed public discourse”, and can be done to change this? Who are the key beneficiaries to coerced abortion? Are they really heartless?...
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