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Winter 2012 ASIAN 366: Contemporary Controversies in China Instructor: Miranda Brown Email: [email protected] SKYPE: mirandadbrown 5155 Thayer (o) 734-615-7036 Office hours: T 4-6 and by appointment This course examines four contemporary controversies in the People’s Republic of China in order to provide a broad understanding of the very recent history of the world’s most populous nation: (1) the costs and benefits of economic liberalization since 1978; (2) environmental degradation and policy; (3) debates over human rights. The course will incorporate a wide range of source material, including primary sources in translation, scholarly essays in the natural sciences, sociology, political science, and cultural studies. All readings are in English and are available through CTOOLS as pdfs to no cost to the students. Assignments and grading: The final course grade will be calculated on the basis of four components: --One group presentation (maximum of 10 minutes) on the reading assignments with a one- page write-up (15% of your grade). Please email me a copy of the powerpoint (either as a pdf or a pptx) along with the write-up, so that I can post them for the class. (You will not receive credit for the presentation until I have the files in hand.) --Bi-weekly response papers, no more than 500 words on each of the readings. The response paper should (1) succinctly sum up the reading assignment, and (2) raise questions or points of contention to be discussed as a group. These are due by 4 pm the day before class (e.g., Mondays and Wednesdays). As these responses are critical for generating discussion, I will not accept late response papers. Together, the responses are worth 40% of your grade.
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Controversies+SyllabusW2012FinalizedRedux - Winter 2012...

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