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1 Cao Anthony Cao ASIAN 366 02/02/12 Week 6 Response 1 Economy begins by describing the current mentality of China’s leaders. She explains that government officials have acknowledged the need for more environmental policies or stricter policies, but they have been hesitant to implement anything that may cause unrest. Economy then elaborates on the trickiness of allowing NGO’s to gain more ground and influence, and the subsequent reform and revolution that other countries have experienced. Hence, although the Chinese government at least somewhat approves of the work of NGO’s, it fears the possibility of a movement that would ultimately sweep the Communist party out of power. She later explains various books that further elaborate on the environmental problems and the reasons why more policies and action cannot be taken without further governmental support. Again, this provides a conflicting situation for the government, because helping the people by cleaning up the
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Unformatted text preview: environment could potentially uproot the government. She goes on to talk about prominent conservationists, grassroots environmentalism, cleaning up the major cities, media and its impact on environmental advocacy, and finally some analyses of future projections of China’s environmental movement. All of the material in the article certainly raises some interesting questions. Why exactly do the development and growth of environmental NGO’s seem to directly challenge the status quo of the government? How can the government mitigate these differences and allow more measures to be taken to help the environment without necessarily growing the influence of NGO’s? Even more broadly speaking, the Chinese economy has certainly taken on a capitalist perspective, and the people have more rights that reflect Western influence. Will this trend naturally develop into a greater democratic nation?...
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