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Week 6 Response 2 - surrounding as prescribed by the...

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1 Cao Anthony Cao ASIAN 366 02/08/12 Week 6 Response 2 Stern’s article focuses on the uneven and convoluted process of environmental litigation. She describes how more environmental cases are brought in different areas, with varying levels of success, and that there still remains an uncertainty in determining why some cases win and some do not. Moreover, she explains that although it is extremely difficult to get polluters to pay the monetary compensation required by these cases, there is still hope. The Chinese court system does not exclusively favor the polluters, but the law still fails to prevent the pollution from occurring in the first place. Next, Shen’s article regarding the Three Gorges Dam Project highlights several factors that should go into consideration before fully initiating the project – the benefits and the potential challenges and detriments to the environment. Shen elaborates on the potential environmental impact on not only the wildlife, but also the peoples living in the area. The segmentation of the
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Unformatted text preview: surrounding, as prescribed by the project, could have large impacts on native species, and significantly disrupt wildlife. Shen calls for further research into the effects of segmentation on the environment before going through with the project. Both of these articles are insightful, thought provoking, and certainly raise some questions: What exactly causes all of the variation in the environmental cases, from where the cases are brought up to why some win and lose? Why is it still so difficult to receive compensation for environmental destruction from companies that have been proven guilty in court? What can the government do to further address the root of the environmental problems rather than issuing fines after the fact? What happened to the TGD? Does substantial research 2 even exist on the effects of segmentation? Has the TGD project been worth it? Has there been significant environmental effects?...
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