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Physical Science Activities Manual ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Center of Excellence for Science and Mathematics Education at The University of Martin distance 12 cm speed = ———— = ———— = 12 cm/sec time 1 sec However, when dealing with wave movement we can use the following relationship: wave speed = wavelength x frequency, where we use v for wave speed, ( lambda 29 for wavelength, and f for frequency. wave speed = wavelength x frequency v = f = ( 4 cm) x (3/sec) = 12 cm/sec F. Constructive and Destructive Interference 1. A very interesting demonstration can be done with either a rope or a Slinky ® . Have two students hold the rope at opposite ends. Have student #1 start a
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Unformatted text preview: pulse going down the rope in one direction and have student #2 start a pulse going in the other direction. What do you think will happen when they meet? This could be done with the Slinky ® just as easily. 2. The answer is as can be seen above, "It depends." If the two waves hit at the same point "in phase" they will add together positively or reinforce the displacement. If they hit out of phase they will add together negatively and destroy the displacement. The positive reinforcement will make the wave pulse bigger (greater amplitude) and the negative reinforcement will completely level out the wave pulses. These two possibilities are examples of wave interference. In most cases when waves meet they are not perfectly in or out of phase and there is both positive and negative reinforcement CONSTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE...
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