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Physical Chemistry Exam Review 184

Physical Chemistry Exam Review 184 - P hysical Science...

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Physical Science Activities Manual ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Center of Excellence for Science and Mathematics Education at The University of Martin vibrate with the same pitch and amplitude as the original sound. On a modern phonograph a minute electrical signal is generated in response to the wiggles. It is then amplified and sent through loudspeakers to reproduce the recorded sound. In the arm is a transducer that converts the groove undulations into the electrical signal by means of the stylus, a jewel-tipped needle.] B. Tuning Forks, Pianos, and Pendula 1. Strike a tuning fork with a rubber mallet and touch its stem to a piano. Wait a few seconds and kill the vibration of the tuning fork by grabbing it in your hand. What do you think will happen?
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