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Physical Chemistry Exam Review 185

Physical Chemistry Exam Review 185 - P hysical Science...

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Physical Science Activities Manual ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Center of Excellence for Science and Mathematics Education at The University of Martin of the tube. If a physics book is consulted, you will see that for a open-ended tube that the first resonance point comes at one fourth of the wavelength of the resonating column of air. The column of air is vibrating at the same frequency as the tuning fork. 5. With the information that has been gathered have the students figure out first the wavelength of the vibrating air column and the speed of sound in air. [The wavelength will depend on the frequency of the tuning fork used. It should roughly be 4 times the length determined in #4 above. The speed of sound can be calculated by using v = f The accepted value for the speed of sound in air is 332 m/sec at 0°C. The speed of sound in air increases by 0.6 m/sec for each °C above zero. If room temperature is around 20°C, the speed of sound will be 344 m/sec. There will be some error in this method.
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