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Physical Science Activities Manual ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Center of Excellence for Science and Mathematics Education at The University of Martin Light PROBLEM PRESENTATION / EXPLORATION A. Flashlight Geometry 1. Needed for this exercise are two students of the same height, a flashlight, a flat mirror (15 cm x 15 cm), 2 meter sticks, and some masking tape. 2. Have two students stand facing one another 3-4 meters apart next to a blank wall. In between the students place a flat mirror (15 cm x 15 cm) on the floor. 3. With the lights dimmed have student #1 raise the flashlight to "nose-level" and aim it at the mirror. The flashlight bulb should be as close to his/her nose as possible. 4. Where will student #1 have to stand in order that he/she can aim it at the mirror on the floor and have the beam bounce up to student #2's nose? 5.
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