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Physical Chemistry Exam Review 188

Physical Chemistry Exam Review 188 - P hysical Science...

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Physical Science Activities Manual ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Center of Excellence for Science and Mathematics Education at The University of Martin X C. Convex Lens 1. Obtain a magnifying glass, a meter stick, a small candle, and a metal cap from a jar on which to set the candle so that the hot melted wax can be caught. 2. Place the candle, the magnifying lens, and your eye along the meter stick at different positions. 3. The CHALLENGE is to find the relative positions of your eye, the lens, and the candle so that you see: a.) an enlarged image of the candle rightside up b.) an enlarged image of the candle upside down c.) a reduced image of the candle upside down d.) an image of the candle having the same size but upside down 4. You have probably noticed that in moving the positions of the candle and the lens that there is a point where the image of the candle gets all blurry. Try to determine how far your eye is away from the lens when it seems the blurriest.
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