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10 Vectors: We will for the moment deal with 1D and 2D cases. A scalar is a quantity that has a value, but no direction . A scalar can be positive or negative . Scalar arithmetic is the usual stuff you learned through grade school: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and raising to a power. We can also take the absolute magnitude of a scalar. Normal algebraic symbols (x, y, t, m) are used for scalars. Scalar quantities in physics include mass, time, energy, charge, and temperature. A vector is a quantity in which magnitude and direction are both important. Vector quantities in physics include velocity, force, momentum, and electric field. We need (a) ways to draw vectors on a diagram, (b) ways to quantify vectors with numbers, and (c) methods to do arithmetic operations on vectors—these include “addition”, “subtraction”, and “multiplication”, we use the same words as for scalars but define the operation differently. Geometrical Representation of Vectors
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