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Justin Kucera English 125 Section 59 Bakopoulos Essay 1: Close Reading/Critical Analysis September 23, 2010 No Shame in His Game In Elwood Reid’s narrative “My Body, My Weapon, My Shame” he outlines his adult life as a college football player at a Big Ten school. In many ways this can be a model for the life of many college football players; however Reid brings us into his specific experiences on and off the field that involve pain. While at first glance Elwood Reid may seem shameful about his pain, on a closer look he actually does not regret his uses of it. Early in his life, inflicting pain was an integral way for Reid to be noticed by football coaches, which would shape the rest of his life. “I was big and I could hit; therefore I had purpose” (2). Reid’s success was measured by hitting other players as hard as he could and by inflicting pain on those people. This was his asset, his weapon, his instrument. Without this ability that he possessed, he would not have been noticed by the coaches and scouts that eventually led to Reid’s scholarship at a Big Ten school. Reid says that he had purpose because of his ability to hit. By saying he had purpose, Reid tells us that he lived for football, and because of the nature of football, he lived for the pain as well. Once Reid arrives at camp his skill is put to the test at a much higher level. The stakes are raised for him if he wants to stay in school and continue playing football. He endures much
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pain from the very beginning of practice: “After ten minutes, I am bleeding from three different places, my arms are numb, and my right thumb hangs from my hand at an angle I know is wrong. But to stop and go to the sideline is to pussy out. So I play through the pain, and after a few more
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essay 1 - Justin Kucera English 125...

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