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1 Justin Kucera jukucera@umich .edu English 125 Section 59 Bakopoulos Essay 2: Personal Narrative October 19, 2010 A Fascinating Irony I used to speak my own language . Actually, I shared it with one other person . There is no dictionary, no grammar, and no synonyms for any words in this lingo . It was actually only spoken by two people ever in the world . It is a language exclusive to me and my brother, Jeremy . We are identical twins and this phenomenon is more commonly known as twin talk . Neither of us has any recollection of our special verbal capabilities because we were too young to remember . The only thing we know is what our mother has reminisced . The most fascinating thing is no one else could understand our gibberish yet it was practically our only form of communication until we went to pre-school at the age of four . Though it worked for us, our parents worried and stressed that this was an early childhood flaw and that it would hold us back . They saw it as a deficit when we didn’t readily adapt to their language . Some actually believe it to be a behavioral issue but thank goodness my parents dealt with it in a better way . There was no way that this was a conscious choice, being that we were so young . Instead, it was just who we were at that time in our lives .
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My mother took us to a speech therapist and some other medical and educational experts who helped to put her mind at ease, stating that this was common amongst twins . And that we actually had a very strong understanding of the English language, even though we grunted, cried and pointed when communicating with other English speaking humans . With me and my brother it was nonsense and much laughter that we shared together . My mom will now admit that at the time she felt a little envious of our bond and somewhat left out . Eventually we did come to learn the English language and our twin language gradually became obsolete . But the bond that formed the language between Jeremy and I has only become stronger and will never disappear like the language we once shared . The connection we have now comes in new forms and practicalities . We are the best of friends and the worst of enemies . We are truly competitive with one another, but on the other hand we have always had each other’s assistance . When I need help with homework, I naturally would go to him and vice versa . There hasn’t been too much that we have not shared with one another . Yet, there is a whole bunch of irony in being an identical twin
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essay 2 - 1 Justin Kucera English 125...

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