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Justin Kucera: [email protected] .edu English 125 .059 Essay 3: Cultural analysis November 10 th 2010 The Real Fans’ Game This summer, I experienced one of the most gratifying accomplishments a sports fan could have . I had just walked in to my friend’s living room for our annual “Mans League” fantasy football draft . The usual occurrences greeted me as soon as I stepped foot in the door: the pizza, pop, laptop cables, and eleven testosterone filled 18-year olds with all their trash talking . Along with the usual that I had seen coming and totally expected, came something else . I was handed a sheet of paper that outlined the history of our 4 year-old fantasy football league that my friend had put together . I began to glance over some of the statistics . This piece of paper informed me of many things, such as the fact that I had never lost to my friend Vinny, or on the flip side, I had never beaten Karl . But as I continued reading, something caught my eye . Something that everyone else failed to tell me about (something I do not blame them for) . I had the all-time best record amongst our group of friends . Once I pointed that out to everyone the trash talking amped up a notch . If my head was small enough to fit through the door on the way in, I’m not quite sure how I fit through the door on the way out . . Everyone had to tell me how lucky I was and my friend Ryan had to remind me that he was only two games back of my all- time record . I suddenly had a new goal for the upcoming fantasy season: keep my all-time record and secure my bragging rights for one more year .
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Fantasy sports give me, and everyone else who play, a new investment in sports that they used to take part in . No matter how old, beat up, or slow we are, we can still “play” sports in the form of fantasy sports . Fantasy sports can be explained very simply . For example let’s use fantasy football, the most popular of all fantasy sports . The first part of the fantasy football process is the draft, the most important part of the fantasy season . A group of 8-14 people will get together to form a league and take turns pickings NFL players to fill their own fantasy roster . Once everyone has picked their team, they will use the actual real statistics generated by their players on a week to week basis in order to translate those stats in to fantasy points . Those points that their team has accumulated then are compared to the rest of the teams in their league . Nothing has contributed to the enjoyment of watching and following sports quite like the emergence of fantasy sports . If you don’t agree, just ask the near 30 million people each year that participate in fantasy sports (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) . It is an obsession that has ended marriages, filled sports bars, and created new branches to websites like ESPN all while generating nearly 800 million dollars annually (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) . However, there are sports purists who believe that fantasy sports take away from rooting for one’s real
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essay 3 - Justin Kucera [email protected] English 125.059...

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