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Justin Kucera December 12th 2010 Soc 212 Section 9 Final Paper #2 Comparing “The Big Four” There have been four main sports that have dominated the American sports space for the entire time that there has been an American sports space to exist . Without a doubt, everybody knows that these four sports include baseball, basketball, football and hockey . These sports have transformed our culture . They even have transformed the culture around the world . These four sports are not only similar in their rules but more importantly these sports have many similarities in their history – something the average sports fan doesn’t know a lot about . The main factor of the origin of the game of basketball is that it was specifically made to be what it is . It did not evolve from another game as hockey evolved from field hockey, football evolved from rugby, and baseball evolved from rounders and cricket . Dr . James Naismeth was asked by the Christian Church to create a game to be the “anti-football” . “Basketball was invented in 1891 to meet the needs of the YMCA, which required a nonviolent game that could be played in the gyms that were becoming fixtures in the crowded city slums” (Vincent 225) . So when he created the 13 rules of the game, it was in much contrast to how football took certain rules from rugby and baseball has similarities to cricket . This church input into the game of basketball results in a major factor of institutionalism from the very beginning of the game with the creation of YMCAs . It took the other sports a lot of time to play the game before writing down the rules of their game . Basketball on the other hand, people were following a certain set of codified rules from the very start of the sport .
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Justin Kucera December 12th 2010 Soc 212 Section 9 Final Paper #2 Not only were the rules written down early in the evolution of basketball, but some of the most important minority groups were included in the participation of this game from the very beginning . Women played basketball from the very start opposed to the other sports, which took a long time in their evolution to include women . “Nevertheless, college women in particular
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final paper 2 - Justin Kucera December 12th 2010 Soc 212...

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