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paper 1 - Justin Kucera Soc 212 Markovits/Gittins Sport and...

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Justin Kucera Soc 212 Markovits/Gittins Sport and Modernity Paper September 29, 2010 Modern Sports: Our Perfection Through the readings of Weber, Guttmann, Van Bottenburg, and Markovits one can learn what exactly makes a sport modern and can also understand that the reason for this evolution of sports from “pre-modern” to “modern” is the need to win. Government can be seen as a huge factor in the shaping of sports. More specifically, American capitalism. In capitalism competition is the main factor that drives the economy and also the government. In the free market of American capitalism one is told to be the best and told to make their own worth. They are to put out their best product so the most people will choose them over their competitors. Just like in politics when people are running for office. They have to come up with the best plans in order to gain votes over their competition. Democracy and capitalism is all based off of competition and winning; sports follow the same outline. In order for sports to be the most competitive, they must be fair, and that is where the competition of democracy comes the drive for bureaucracy. In order for the competition of sports to be fulfilled and there be a fair winner, there must be rules just like American government where bureaucrats enforce the rules. “There is the principle of fixed and official jurisdictional areas, which are generally ordered by rules, that is, by laws or administrative regulations” (Weber 196). In modern sports there are rules and regulations enforced by officials, referees, and umpires just like in American government there are laws enforced by bureaucrats. There is an obligation in order to be one of these rule
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enforcers. “…requirement of a firmly prescribed course of training, which demands the entire capacity for work for a long period of time…” (Weber 198-199). Sports need these officials to be highly trained in order to keep a level playing field and competition at its height. Without rules there would be no way to tell who is actually a legitimate winner and loser, which is ultimately the most important thing to everyone involved, because we as Americans want to know who is the best of the best.
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