paper 2 - Justin Kucera Markovits/Gittins Baseball and...

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Justin Kucera Markovits/Gittins Baseball and Football Paper October 17th 2010 Baseball and Football: As Modern as They Come The evolution of sports from pre-modern to modern has been discussed at length by many. There are many factors that create a sport to be modern. Now, living in the twenty first century one would conclude that all of our sports today are in-face modern compared to our sports original forms. That is a safe assumption to make because, let’s face it, a sport cannot be any more modern than it already is at its most modern time. I am talking about sports right now, in this modern day, in particular our two most popular sports in America: Baseball and Football. Not only is baseball modern but also “And football is, nonetheless, a truly modern game with all the characteristics of modern sport” (Guttmann 125). Everyone knows America’s national pastime as baseball and every sports fan also knows that it is not our most popular sport anymore. It has lost that crown to football. However, both the sport of baseball and the sport of football are, in their current states, modern sports; one can discover this fact by simply looking at the most important factors of modern sports and how baseball and football both have examples of these factors in their sport today. Equality of opportunity is one of the important factors that are a part of Guttmann’s seven characteristics of modern sports, and both baseball and football exhibit an equality of opportunity. Because of a need to win, both sports have given equal opportunities to players of
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all races and ethnicities. According to the LA times, Blacks make up 70% of the NFL and in the MLB only 60% are white, leaving 40% minority. These two statistics give one ample reason to believe that these sports are highly modern. Even looking at the history of baseball, any fan knows who Jackie Robinson is. The first Black player to ever play in the Major League is an iconic figure in all of sports, not just in his sport of baseball. When Branch Ricky looked at the Negro Leagues and saw a bunch of great players, he wanted them for his team because he wanted to win. This thinking is highly modern because as sports have evolved, winning is one of the most modern entities in sports and have made them so popular. This upward mobility shows
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paper 2 - Justin Kucera Markovits/Gittins Baseball and...

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