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Soc 212 Review Sheet - Soc 212 Review Sheet Gemeinschaft:...

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Soc 212 Review Sheet Gemeinschaft: German for community. Gemeinschaft refers to small communities where the bonds are more personal. Gemeinschaft is a premodern concept as the types of authority involved both traditional and charismatic. Gessellschaft: German for Society. Refers to areas that are more populated, such as big cities. Gesselschaft is a very modern concept as authority is based on legal/rational authority. Weber’s 3 types of Authority: 1)Traditional 2)Charismatic 3)Legal-Rational authority. Sports as a language: Sports culture: What people breathe, read, discuss, analyze, compare, and historicize; what they discuss at the watercooler; and what comprises a significant quantity of barroom talk; what people follow as opposed to what they do. Hegemonic sports culture: the sports culture that dominates a country’s emotional attachments rather than its calisthetic activities. Sports space: A Markovits concept Sportization Disporten Guttmann’s Seven Points of Modernity: 1) Secularism: Play sports simply for enjoyment, not for the appeasement of deities or supernatural reason 2)Equality: Everyone has a chance to compete on the same playing field as everyone. Necessitates a total inequality of results, which we need to determine a winner 3) Specialization: Have specific positions and jobs for everybody on a team 4)Rationalization: Have a goal in mind and have a means of achieving it 5)Bureaucratization: development of leagues to monitor rules/set rules. 6) Quantification: How you value certain things, put specific number on things. How much a certain goal is worth. 7) Records: how do we measure the past. All these points are also a part of modern society and apply to all the modern
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Soc 212 Review Sheet - Soc 212 Review Sheet Gemeinschaft:...

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