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1) Title Page – Context clue? Introduction a) Everybody’s memory can fail them once in a while. We’ve all had arguments with people when we knew 100% we were correct, only to be left scratching our head when we discover we were actually wrong. It’s part of human nature. No one is perfect. That includes our memories. In this experiment, I tested a memory illusion (Lillienfeld). By reading participants lists of words with common themes, they will be fooled into thinking that other certain words were on the list, when in fact, they were not. I expect that participants in this study will recall false words. Furthermore, I believe that the participants that are recording their results on a lined, numbered piece of paper with spots for each word, will recall a total number more false words that were not on the lists because the empty spots will act as a reminder of their failure, thus resulting in more guessing and falsely recalling words. 2) Methods a) Procedure – In order to test my hypothesis, I made 2 sheets of paper. One piece that each member from the control group would use (each with their own copy), and one that the experimental group would use (again, each with their own copy). The experimental group had blank, pre-made spots for each word on each list. The control group just had the list heading, with no lines or spaces for the words. By doing this, I hypothesized that participants with the blank spaces would feel the pressure to fill in as many as they could. I thought that they would have a negative view of their intellect if they did not fill up a majority of the spaces. Therefore, this would cause them to guess words, resulting in false recalled words. a.i) To pick my participants, I asked friends to help me take part in a study. When agreed,
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experiment paper - 1) Title Page Context clue? Introduction...

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