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regrade nature v nurture - supplemented with good detailed...

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Justin Kucera Psych 111 sec. 039 Reasoning for Re-grade on Nature vs. Nurture Paper After re-reading my paper, your comments on my paper, reviewing the general standards for grading papers, and reviewing the assignment, I respectfully disagree with my grade of a C+. My paper assessed every point that was outlined in the assignment. I have a conceptual definition, two operational definitions, evidence for nature and nurture, and a good assessment of that evidence. Not only do I just have these in my paper, but they are elaborated on in-depth and
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Unformatted text preview: supplemented with good detailed examples. My writing is mostly clear of grammatical errors and it flows well. The overall writing is higher than a C+, I believe. After reading the C portion of the general standards for grading, it is not clear to me why my paper fell into that category. I do not believe that the aspects of my paper fit in to the C range of a paper. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes you, and I thank you for your time....
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